What you get with

the Time Saving Hustle™ Mini Course:

√  the exact steps, with detailed recommendations, technology and tools, you need to build your online course business in up to four months  + its simplified one month version

Time Saving Business Fundamentals & Workbooks, based on my six figure business (> $900,000)

√ summary of online business trends & untold truths about the industry that cause so many people to waste time and money

*a "passive income" business = work up to 10-15 hours maximum per week while earning a scalable, disproportionate, 6+ figure revenue.

According to studies, the average time to reach a passive income level for this type of online businesses is two to three years.

What you get- in details:

Video 1 & Workbook 1- Time Freedom through your Online Business & Audience (free training):

👉🏼  Highly effective, proven exercises – that can be done in as little as three days- to help you make sure you are launching a purpose driven business that you won't abandon and that you will feel excited to work on long term (Workbook 1 - "7 Day Challenge Find Your Best Online Business!")

👉🏼  A one-day evaluation, with pros and cons, of the major online business models that can help you reach 6+ figure revenues in less than 3-4 years and how they rank on six important criteria: Profitability, Scalability, Long-Term Potential, Implementation Speed, Technological Simplicity, Financial Accessibility – to help you think like a smart entrepreneur (Video 1)

 ✅ Video 2 & Workbook 2- Time Freedom through your Answer (Business Idea & Model) & Audience:


👉🏼 How to ensure that your business idea and model will lead to time freedom rather than burnout, as well as the simplest business framework for scaling your online business 

👉🏼 Why many businesses fail to build a strong foundation resulting in a complete loss of time and money on advertising.

👉🏼 Why I wouldn't sell via an Wordpress site or an online course marketplace like Udemy, Skillshare, etc or use a sales funnel app (at this initial stage)

👉🏼 The main profit killers to avoid (people pay for transformation not information)

👉🏼 The 3 step formula for building a powerful Sales Page (part of your Answer- online presence- as well as part of your Amplification)

👉🏼 The main strategies you must understand in order to correctly price your launch

👉🏼 How to avoid common online business traps that waste time when it comes to:

💎 content - what is the minimum viable content required
💎 technology - too much, unnecessary technology, or the opposite, too little or no technology + what is the minimum that’s required
💎 branding - the most basic, simple structure for creating a powerful Brand for your business, complete with a visual summary 

 ✅ Video 3 & Workbooks 3 & 4 - "Time Freedom through Your Amplification- Marketing, Sales, Operations" :

👉🏼 How to strategically combine the Launch model with the Evergreen model to gradually build passive income and time freedom, including pros & cons for each model

👉🏼 All the main Marketing Channels and Platforms including statistics, trends, best tactics and pros & cons for each - in just one Infographic 

👉🏼 How to book qualified appointments organically while still saving time

👉🏼 My two formulas to write high converting posts & ads

👉🏼 Cost-effective paid advertising strategies ("3 ads strategy”, the Self Liquidating Offer etc)

👉🏼 A simple, yet strong Sales Script

👉🏼 Why you should plan for up to 70-90% automation of your online business, using the right technology and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) from the start

👉🏼 the "One Month Launch" Step by Step Guide (Workbook #4)

Finally, a special* BONUS:

✅ One free 30 minutes Strategy Session with me to answer any questions you may have

*for those who can show proof of action, and subject to availability


1) Who I am

My name is Diana Graepel, I'm a 20+ year serial entrepreneur with businesses in several industries. More about me here.

I've spent the majority of my active life in the business world, and all of that experience and insight has led to this special training, designed specifically for people who want to build businesses around their lifestyles rather than growth ones.

It's a highly condensed and practical training to help you gain key insights and solutions on what you should absolutely know and implement as an online business owner if you want to create time freedom through your business.

2) Who is this for?

This mini course is a follow-up to my Must Know Free Video Training (see above), and it was created with the goal of assisting you in learning how to establish your time freedom through your online business right from the start. Regardless of where you are now, or what kind of financial or time constraints you are facing.

While it is jam-packed with highly valuable information for any online business owner, it is primarily tailored around the digital course business model (as opposed to e-stores or PaaS/SaaS).

It's the exact content of my TIME SAVING HUSTLE™ Course without the group coaching sessions, for those of you who are confident they need neither the extra assistance with implementing the steps or the accountability part.

And it's a scaled-down version of my TIME SAVING HUSTLE™ Coaching Course excluding several of my secondary - in importance - Workbooks, Summaries & Scripts. However, it is still designed to cover all the essentials for launching a profitable online business using the digital course business model. Basically all the steps and tools you need.

This is the right option for those of you who do not require coaching, further problem-solving assistance, or accountability to achieve their objectives.

Still, if you happen to get stuck and can't figure out how to solve a problem, I've set aside one free session with me where you'll get the specific steps to addressing that problem. And if you end up requiring further problem-solving assistance you can also sign up for a package of individual coaching hours here.

Let's talk about some of your questions & possible objections

🔴 "I’m afraid this is another one of these courses that will make no difference for me…"


This may only apply if you are already earning 5 figures per month from your online business while working less than 40 hours per week.

If you are not in this category, you will greatly benefit from this training, making it one of the best investments you can make for your online business.

And if you are just starting out or have less than 2 years business experience or launched your business already but haven’t yet made enough money from it to quit your job, then this training will make a major difference for you as a business owner.


🔴 "I'm already overwhelmed with everything I need to learn; I don't need any additional information..."

While I understand the "overwhelm," this training is intended to provide a direct solution* to it… My entire business — Time Saving Hustle – is centered around saving people time.

Which means I did my best to condense 20+ years of knowledge, insight, and first-hand experience as a business owner into a few hours of highly-valuable and tangible content in order to give you a massive advantage in your journey as a business owner.

This training is not about vague business strategies and models that can be found in a hundred different programs; rather, it is a culmination of my experience and search for the core principles and strategies that help entrepreneurs build their time freedom. What I'm bringing you are tried-and-true success principles that, when combined with implementation, simply won’t let you fail.

After much investigation, I couldn't find a short, practical course that covered what I believe is vital to building a solid online business while also allowing for time freedom, so I created it myself.

*even abstained from making jokes to keep it brief! 😅 


🔴 "Without a mentor, I can’t save time anyway…"


This is very true for many entrepreneurs, especially new ones. They require not only guidance - as in valuable, correct business knowledge - but also accountability to someone, as well as constant encouragement, feedback and problem-solving support, in order to gain the confidence to pursue and succeed in their venture. (If you feel this is you then the TIME SAVING HUSTLE™ Course is the solution)

But here's the full truth.

The first major reason for failure is ignorance:

1. about entrepreneurship in general – and the basic elements of a strong offer, marketing & sales plan -all critical to apply in any business

2. about online entrepreneurship – less risky than brick and mortar, easier to implement, and far more appealing in terms of scalability and thus profitability, but still fraught with potential pitfalls.

Ignorance is closely followed by wrong, self-defeating beliefs/mindset, insufficient action/implementation, and, yes, a lack of support – from mentors, family, and community.

While it is true that the right mentorship should save you a lot of time, you may be among the minority of people who can succeed without it (this actually applied to me but only with two of my businesses)

However, whether you're in the majority or the minority, you must still build your business on solid business knowledge, which is exactly what I'm attempting to condense in this training.


To recap:

# Even if you intend to enroll in a premium coaching program, this mini-course will be an excellent investment. It will help you understand the fundamentals and give you a compelling high-level perspective of the online entrepreneurship world, common pitfalls to avoid, and potential solutions to these pitfalls.

It will provide you with not only the tools, but also the why behind the tools, allowing you to become an informed buyer and student of any coaching program.

# If, on the other hand, you are unable to afford a premium coaching program at this time, you will require this training even more.


Finally, as a bonus**, once you have completed both trainings (the free one and this mini course), you will have the opportunity to book a free session with me where I will review any questions you have and assist you with your business plan and/or problem solving. This is a true strategy session, not a sales pitch, so you can get some useful action steps and insights for where you are now and what the best steps are for levelling up to your goals.

**for those who can show proof of action

🔴 "There are far too many competitors in the niche I'm interested in... who needs another?"

The idea that the market (regardless of niche) is saturated and there is no room for a new online entrant is simply false. (By the way, this belief is also part of a "scarcity" mindset that you should aim to change). There is a place online for everyone, especially as more and more people join.

In fact, studies show that the self-education industry is expected to double in just six years, from 2020 to 2026.

If you follow the given instructions and if you understand a few fundamental truths about online entrepreneurship (which I summarize in this course), you will dramatically increase your chances of having a profitable online business and thus achieving time freedom in a matter of years. And this, again, is an incredible opportunity that is unique to our times.